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    Playing Format

    Playing Formats (best 2 games out of 3 to 11, best 3 games out of 5 to 11, or one game to 15)

    • a) Pickleball Players Network uses the best two out of three games to 11 points, win by two points, as the preferred format of play.
    • b) If time or court availability is an issue or all players consent prior to a match, one game to 15 points, win by two points, can be counted towards a league or playoff match.
    • c) If time or court availability is not an issue or all players consent prior to a match, a best three out of five games to 11 points, win by two points, can be counted towards a league or playoff match.
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    • a) Each player/team is responsible for bringing two USAP approved pickleballs in accordance to the surface that is played on. Outdoor balls must be used for outdoor courts and indoor balls must be used for indoor courts. The first serving team will choose which ball to use. If a ball cracks, the first receiving team will choose which ball to use next.
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    Determining Serving Team

    • a) Any fair method can be used to determine which player or team has first choice of side, service, or receive. Some examples include: coin toss, or writing a 1 or 2 on the back of a score sheet or any piece of paper.
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    Honor System

    • a) Line calls must be made immediately (within ~ five seconds) by the side playing the ball. Otherwise, the ball will be considered in. If, during a doubles match, one partner calls the ball out and the other partner on the same team overrules the call, the ball will be considered in. Any questionable calls should be in favor of your opponent. No points should be played over unless both parties agree to play the point over. If you request the opinion of your opponent, you should accept his/her opinion. Ultimately, any rule of play in question should reference the USPA rulebook found here.
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    Changing Court Sides

    • a) In a 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 game format, players will change court sides after each of the first two (or four) games. If a third (or a fifth) game is played, players will switch after a player/team reaches 6 points. In a one game to 15 format, players will change court sides after a player/team reaches 8 points.
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    Choosing a Court Location

    • a) Pickleball Players Network encourages players to choose a location to play that is convenient for all players. A simple suggestion would be to schedule a match at one’s home court and then a rematch at the other’s home court. Also, players can meet in the middle to play a league match.
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    Abiding by Rules of the Court

    • a) All players must follow the rules of the courts they are playing at, even if this means pausing a match to allow other players to play on the court in order to finish the match later that day. Participating in a Pickleball Players Network match does not give you the right to break the rules of the court. If we hear that players are using the Pickleball Players Network as an excuse to break the rules of the court, all players will be immediately removed from the league.
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    Score Reporting

    • a) All scores should be promptly reported by the winning player/team utilizing the website or app developed for the league. If a score is not reported within 24 hours of the match, then it will be nullified. If an issue arises from reporting the score, please contact your league administrator.
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    Rematch Rule

    • a) Players are able to schedule league matches against the same opponent up to 3 times per season. While we understand that rematches may be played consecutively, we want to encourage players to compete against all of the opponents in the league.
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      Qualifying for Playoffs
      • In order to qualify for the playoffs, a player/team will need to achieve a specified number of wins or matches during the season, which will be defined by the league at the beginning of a season. The number of wins will be defined based on the number of players/teams participating in the league. The playoffs will occur directly after the season has ended. A player/team that is in his/her/their first season will need to complete at least six matches in order to be qualified for the playoffs but this may be at the discretion of the league administrator.
      Playoff Positioning
      • Players eligible for the playoffs will be seeded based on their win-loss differential. Depending on the number of players eligible, some may receive a “bye” for the first round. If there is a tie in the win-loss differential, we will determine the higher seed based on the number of matches played, in season head-to-head record, and lastly the percentage of games won during league matches.
      Home Court for Playoff Matches
      • The higher seeded player is entitled to home-court and decides where the match will be played. However, we ask that players consider commutes and choose a court that is convenient for both parties.
      Enforcing Playoff Deadlines
      • For every playoff round, there will be a one-week deadline to complete the match. With that being said, players are encouraged to complete their matches as quickly as possible. If the next round has been decided upon prior to the deadline, players can schedule and play their match before any/all deadlines.
      • If the deadline passes and neither player has reported a score, both players will be defaulted and the opponent in the next round will advance. If this occurs during a championship match, there will not be a champion crowned for the season.
      • If the deadline passes and the league admin has heard from either player, then the player who is least available will default the match.
      • If a player cancels a scheduled playoff match, then he/she forfeits the match unless the opposing player is willing to reschedule prior to the deadline.
      • If a playoff match for some unforeseen reason goes unfinished due to extenuating circumstances (light, court rules, etc.), then an earnest attempt must be made to finish the match. If both parties are unable to do so, then a winner will be determined by the number of points won.
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    Player Disqualification

    • Pickleball Players Network reserves the right to:
      • Place any player on probation for an indefinite period of time for violating the standards of proper conduct, abusing the cancellation policy, abusing league administrators, and not acting in accordance to fair play and/or good sportsmanship. League fees will not be reimbursed to those that are disqualified.
      • Ban any player from the league and/or network indefinitely.
      • Ban any player from the league and/or network that is found submitting a fake win for whatever reason.
      • Modify playoff results based on any player that is found to intentionally under-rate their playing ability.
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    Three-Strike Policy

    • a) A player may receive strikes based on poor sportsmanship or not abiding by the no-show and cancellation policy. If a player receives three strikes in a calendar year, he/she will be disqualified from the current season and subject to an indefinite ban from the network without a refund.
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    Canceling a Match

    • a) A player is required to both make a phone call and send an email or text to cancel a pickleball match. The league is not responsible to cancel matches for players. It is imperative that you reach your opponent to let them know that you are cancelling the match. If the player does not try all forms of communication to cancel a match, the player will be given a strike. Three strikes on any player is an automatic disqualification from the league and subject to an indefinite ban from the network. Any match that is cancelled between the hours of 12:01am and 7am, does not count towards the four-hour cancellation window.
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    No-Shows and Late Cancellations

    • a) If a player does not show up to a match without attempting to call and send an email or text, he/she will receive a strike and the match will be recorded as a 0-0 win for the non-offending player. A player who gets a cancellation notification within one hour of the match is requested to submit a no-show. Also, the player who did not show up for the match needs to reimburse any court fees and/or parking fees before they will be allowed to continue playing.
    • b) If a player does not cancel a match within the four-hour time period, he/she will receive a strike and the non-offending player will receive a 0-0 win. The only exemption to the rule is if there is rain or the playing conditions are unsafe.
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    Court Fees upon No-Show

    • a) If a player does not show up for his/her match and a court fee was paid for the court, the player who does not show up will be retired from the season until the entire court cost is reimbursed.
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    League Withdrawals

    • a) A player/team who decides to withdraw from the league due to an injury or for any other reason is required to inform the league administrator. The player/team will not be reimbursed for the league fee.
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    Match Play Defaults

    • a) A player/team that is in violation of any of these rules below will result in a forfeit:
      • Failure to appear on the court within 20 minutes of the starting time without notifying your opponent.
      • Failure to appear on the court within 30 minutes of the starting time when notifying your opponent.
      • Quitting before a match is completed due to an injury or a walk-off. The final score will be the score prior to the injury or the walk-off.
      • Equipment failing such as a broken paddle or your shoe falling apart as long as you do not have any back-up equipment.
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    Resolving on Court Conflicts

    • a) All matches that report an on-court conflict to the league administrator will be addressed 24 hours after the match. If the conflict occurs on a weekend, then it will be resolved on the next non-holiday weekday.
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    Purity of Competition Rule (moving a player up or down in rating during a season)

    • a) Pickleball Players Network reserves the right to move a player/team up or down a level during the season or disqualify a player/team from the playoffs based on how the player/team performed in the previous season or during the current season.
      A player/team can get promoted or demoted in several ways, some of which include:
      • By making the finals of their division’s playoffs;
      • Based on how they perform during matches in the season.
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    Refund Policy

    • a) Pickleball Players Network offers a 7-day money back guarantee for all PPN sanctioned leagues after the league’s start date.
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    Splitting of Court Fees

    • a) Instances where a match is played at a court which costs a fee, the players are expected to split all fees, including a potential guest fee.
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    General Rules of Pickleball (IFP Rulebook)

    • a) All players/teams must follow the USA Pickleball/IFP Rulebook, which can be found here. We encourage players to read and fully understand these rules prior to playing in order to resolve any on-court conflicts.
  • 23

    Code of Conduct

    • a) All players must adhere to a code of conduct while participating in the league, which include but are not exclusive to the following:
      • Treating your opponents with respect (i.e. no trash talking, no blatant attempts to interfere with your opponent’s play, etc.)
      • Showing up on-time to your matches
      • Abiding by all court rules
      • Being honest about line calls and foot faults
      • Reporting scores correctly