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What is PPN?

Pickleball Players Network is the premier online platform that hosts and manages pickleball leagues for players of all ages and skill levels across the United States.

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Our pickleball leagues offer an organized, competitive, and fun format whether you are looking to emulate tournament play or just meet new people.

Players are grouped based primarily on region, gender and skill level to compete in singles, doubles, or both – all in pursuit of a league championship and pickleball related prizes from our sponsors.

There are multiple seasons throughout the year, so join us anytime.



" Playing in PPN for the first time completely exceeded my expectations! The camaraderie among fellow players and the competitive yet friendly atmosphere made it a great experience. The league provided the perfect platform to showcase my skills, learn from others, and improve my game. I can't wait for the next season to begin! "

Nathan, 28


" Participating in my first pickleball league as an older competitor was slightly intimidating at first, but ended up being so much fun! The support from fellow players made me feel welcomed and valued. I am so thankful for the opportunity to challenge myself and see the growth in my skills. I also liked how easy it was to use the online platform. This is such a great way for us to enjoy our wonderful pickleball community. "

Collette, 63


" Being a somewhat advanced pickleball player in my area, I was excited to discover the level of competition in the PPN league. The intense matches and skilled opponents pushed me to elevate my game. After the matches, we found ourselves hanging around at the courts sharing a few laughs and getting to know each other a bit. I also love that the winners receive actual pickleball prizes that we care about rather than just a medal that will probably end up getting stashed away somewhere. "

James, 32


" I typically enjoy open play recreational pickleball, but joining the PPN league was a game-changer for me. The more organized league format brought out the best in my skills and ignited a newfound passion for the sport. I am grateful for the opportunity to challenge myself and be a part of such a vibrant pickleball group. I look forward to seeing how these leagues will continue to expand in our area. "

Steve, 55


" My husband and I had a blast playing in the mixed doubles league! It felt very organized and well managed. We definitely made some new friends and potential professional networking connections out there too. Please keep these leagues going! "

Jessica, 44


" Pickleball has exploded in our community, so it was getting hard to keep up with everything that's required to make it possible. The PPN team offered up something unique with its managed leagues that took nearly all the work off my plate. The combination of the online platform with the high quality service they provided when necessary allowed us to enhance the pickleball experience for our residents. Next season we'll be able reserve even more courts and offer up even more divisions, so we're super excited about that! "

Lauren, Adult Sports Coordinator (Parks & Recreation)

" It's not always easy to start up a new program, but the PPN team made it such a seamless process and were extremely flexible in working with me to come up with the right options for my facility. I liked their level of communication and passion for the sport. It was clear they had the best interests of everyone in mind. I received great feedback from the players too and have noticed that there's even a lot of new faces on our courts now as a result of these leagues. "

Andrea, Private Facility Owner

" As someone who works tirelessly as a volunteer to promote pickleball in my community, I was excited to see how the PPN team could add value to us. They were the perfect, collaborative partner to build on what we were already doing and remove a lot of the stress that can come with running leagues. I also found the software to be effective yet simple enough for even some of our older members to utilize. Great job! "

Aaron, President of Pickleball Club



Click here to create an account so that you can register for our leagues.
Each season and region varies but we strive to make each league afforable for everyone. The winners of each league will receive a prize depending upon how many players qualify for the playoffs.
Once your league has begun, you will either have a set day, time, and location for your league matches or you will have the capability within your league page to message other teams and coordinate matches. We found the best way to schedule matches is by providing options to your opponents and staying flexible with where and when you can play. We suggest you message teams every week or two to show interest.
In order to qualify for the playoffs, you will need to have participated in at least one league match. For those that qualify, players will participate in a single-elimination playoffs where one match is expected to be completed each week. The winners of each season will receive a prize, typically in the form of a gift card. Amounts vary depending upon the number of playoff participants.
We have put together a comprehensive set of rules, which can be found here. If you have any questions regarding the rules or perhaps we missed something, please let us know.
If a score has been incorrectly reported, send your league admin an email letting them know. Most of the time, an incorrect score is a slight mistake made by the user who reported the score. We will get this resolved as quickly as possible.
Refer to our league rules for any on-court questions regarding who supplies the balls, who serves first, when to change sides on the court, etc. If we are missing a rule that applies to your question, contact us and we will do our best to answer it.
If you have won a league match, you are responsible for reporting the score directly on your league page. There is a “Submit a Score” form where you are asked to provide the details of the match. Once you submit the score, the standings will be reflected in real-time and all league participants will receive an email.
Once you have created an account, you can register for leagues in your region with players of a similar rating and schedule. Our directory of leagues can be found here.
No, you do not need a partner to register for a Doubles league. When you register for a league, you will have the opportunity to either add yourself to the list of players who need a partner or request to add one of the existing players on the list who are in need of a partner. Prior to selecting a partner, you will be able to view their profile as well as send them an email to see if it is a good fit.
Go to our directory of leagues by clicking here and then search for a league based on the criteria that you prefer, which can be selected in the filter section. If there are not any leagues in your area, please contact us and we will do our best to make our way out to your area.
Initially, each player will either assign themselves a rating or will take a brief survey to determine their rating. We are currently working on our own proprietary rating system that will effectively assess a player’s skill level, allowing them to be paired with others of a similar skill level. Stay tuned! In the meanwhile, our league administrators will do their best to ensure fair play.
First, we ask that players not only reach out to other players on multiple occasions throughout the season but also be open to playing beyond the confines of just your home court and schedule. If you are still experiencing issues with finding matches, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.
If you accidentally registered for the wrong league, contact us and we will either place you in the correct league or remove you from the current league.
Our leagues last approximately six to eight weeks plus two to four weeks for the playoffs. Players are grouped based on their region, rating, and type of play. Depending on the league, once the season begins, players will be given a schedule but they are welcome to coordinate matches whenever they want against whomever they want in their particular league. After each match, the winner will report the score on their league page. League standings and score alerts will be reflected in real-time so that all league participants can stay updated. As the regular season concludes, a single-elimination playoff will begin, lending way to a league champion.
Depending on the structure of your league, you will either play at a specified court or when creating an account, you will be asked to designate a “Preferred Home Court.” With that being said, you will have the flexibility to play at either your home court or the home court of your opponent (or meet at a neutral location). You and your opponent can mutually agree upon a location.
We ask that all league participants strictly abide by the rules of the courts. If PPN does not do so, we suggest reserving courts for league play. Given the imbalance between players and facilities, we know this can pose an issue. With that, players can decide prior to the match to play one game to 15 points or a best two out of three games to 11 points where all players must come off of the court after each game and wait until the court becomes available again.
We offer a seven day money-back guarantee from the start date of each season for all PPN sanctioned leagues. If you have registered for a league with your Parks & Rec, you will need to discuss their policy with them. Once this time has passed, regardless of the reason, we will be unable to refund you the league registration fees.
Refer to our league rules for any issues that occur between you and an opponent. If there is not a rule that applies to your incident, contact us and we will do our best to help resolve the issue.